Hyperion Initial Log In

-  Using any internet enabled device (PC workstation/mobile/tablet etc.) open an internet browser and navigate to https://hris.fatima.edu.ph


NOTE: off campus a Soft Ether or VPN connection is needed before you can open Hyperion

Instructions for Soft Ether SSL VPN installation can be found here:  




Instructions re: How to Log-in and Change Default Password

  1. Log-in: https://hris.fatima.edu.ph/hris

  2. Sign in with your assigned name:


Default Password: LAST NAME (CAPSLOCK)


Campus | Campus Code
Valenzuela  | No campus code
Quezon City | 02
Antipolo | 03
Pampanga | 04
Cabanatuan | 05
Laguna | 06

Sample for Valenzuela:

Username: 12345-6789

Default Password: DELA ROSA

Sample for other campus

Username: 03-12345-6789

Default Password: STA. ANA

  1. Once successfully logged-in, you are required to change the default password

Go to upper right corner of your screen, click the drop down button under employee portal
Click change password button
Enter your current default password (LAST NAME in CAPSLOCK)
Enter your new password

  1. New password must have the following:
  • At least 8 characters with:
  • 1 Upper case letter
  • 1 Lower case letter
  • 1 Number
  • 1 Special character ( ! @ # $ % ^ & * _ )
  1. Click save new password 
  2. Proceed to Hyperion use