Using Your OLFU G Suite Google Bar to Quickly Launch Applications

OLFU employees frequently need to access several important University web application services in the course of their work. Typically employees need to open an internet browser and type the web application URL address to access the service. Now OLFU do not need to re enter user login names and passwords to open these sites.

OLFU has recently implemented a Single Sign On (SSO) platform through employee/student G Suite Email credentials

First sign on to your G Suite account using Google Chrome (type mail.google.com)

Once you have successfully signed in the Google Bar appears on the right top corner together with the OLFU logo:

Tap on the Google App drawer to display your installed applications

Depending on your role (employee or student) allowed Google System installed application icons are displayed:

Tap on the Canvas Icon. If you are authorized to use the OLFU Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) then you are automatically logged in to the Canvas dashboard (without re entering user credentials)

Currently for students the G Suite SSO works for Canvas LMS and ITO Help Center Web services.

For employees the AIMS application can also be used through this SSO 

or alternatively by tapping on the   Sign in with Google button in the AIMS home page https://aims.fatima.edu.ph (Important: Employees might be required to connect through official VPN or Remote Access Service (RAS) tools e.g. Bitvise when connecting off campus

Soon OLFU students can find similar icons for sis.fatina,edu.ph and the new OLFU online library system

Remember login to your OLFU G Suite account first (https://myaccount.google.com or https://mail.google.com/) to display installed apps in the Google Toolbar and start using G Suite SSO

December 2020