Working with Google Drive

Increasing Work Productivity in Google Drive

Do you know that the Google Drive feature included in your (OLFU) G Suite account has many other uses than just offline or internet backup of your PC documents?

      -        Share or collaborate with fellow employees’ files or folders with restrictions (if you wish shared files cannot be downloaded or edited by other users)

      -        Instead of sending files and folders through email as attachments, use Google Drives sharing feature, you can send access links with messages instead of sending another email

     -        Only OLFU employees have access to the Google drive domain (sharing can be separate from students and employees

Use Google Drive File Stream! This free Google drive application treats your stored Google Drive content as if they were stored in your local computer or PC (using file explorer). You can choose to access files offline even without internet access.

Want to learn more about Google drive features? These are helpful links:

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December 2021